Trying to live love well through the power of the Everlasting.

I’m mad.

Dear Hal Lindsey,

I just watched your latest episode of “The Hal Lindsey Report” in which you go on – at length – about the sanctity of marriage and the evils of same-sex marriage.

To be honest and frank, it kind of ticked me off.

A lot.

And not just because I disagree with you about same-sex marriage, but also because I find your four marriages rather hypocritical.

Why can’t I have one when you can have four?

Please… just…stop.




2 responses to “I’m mad.

  1. Kerry Miller-Whalen May 19, 2012 at 10:07 am

    You know, Ethan – I think this fits very aptly with the whole idea of “logs and splinters” – you think we’d have learned, by now, what judging others really is – but no, we have not – & I think whenever we start judging and excluding others, it is like that on some level…

    (& I think the time for Marriage Equality has come – won’t be long now! 🙂

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