Trying to live love well through the power of the Everlasting.

Getting to know my neighbors… again.

There’s a family in my small town that I’ve known all my life. The two youngest kids were just about my age (one a few years older, one a year younger) and we went to school together. They live – literally – across the road from one of our corn fields. They’re wonderful.

Roughly nine months ago or so, I was picking corn for dinner. The corn wasn’t quiteready to sell at our produce stand yet, but there was enough for our family. I realized that if I gave it a good throw, I’d be able to land an ear of corn in their lawn. It suddenly dawned on me that I should probably take an armload across the road for the Andrews family. I did. Mrs. Andrews wasn’t there, but I got to talk to both Cat and Jess, the sisters I knew from childhood, and see Jess’s beautiful daughter. I walked back to the corn field with a heart bursting with happiness.

Cat called me up a few weeks later and asked me to apply for a job where she works as a pharmacist. I didn’t get the job, but it jolted me back into relationship with these wonderful people. My friends and neighbors.

I realized that it had literally been *years* since I’d talked to them. Sure, I always waved from across the road or as I drove by the house… but that was it.

It started slowly. Fall came, and I brought a few pumpkins over. Then some apple cider. We had a Family Fun Day at the farm, and rented a cotton candy machine. I grabbed a few bags and off to the Andrews’ I went.

Winter came, and Jess called to invite me to go sledding. It was phenominal fun. So was the next time, and the next.

Jess and I caught a movie last week, and had a blast. The other night we boiled maple syrup, and I brought a quart of it over.

And stood in their kitchen for an hour and talked and talked.

Tonight I spent a fantastic night with Jess, just talking and watching television. Our conversation went deep, and we started sharing life with one another. It was… excellent.

Beyond excellent.

I was blessed. Really blessed. And I think Papa was smiling.

I know I was.


3 responses to “Getting to know my neighbors… again.

  1. Kerry Miller-Whalen March 14, 2012 at 10:27 am

    Breathing a sigh of contentment & smiling with you, Ethan! True friendship and connection is beyond wonderful!! 🙂

    • emarkthomas March 15, 2012 at 3:31 am

      Ah! Thank you! It was awesome: today Jess and her daughter came into the store, and Jess explained that they’d just finished grocery shopping and were on their way home when her daughter asked if they could “go to the store.” Jess said they’d just been, and her daughter said, “No, the store where Efan is.”

      Made my day. 🙂

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