Trying to live love well through the power of the Everlasting.

This *is* the story.

It’s amazing how much of my thoughts are caught up in daydreams of a future in which I live a life very different from any forseeable path that I’m now on. It’s kind of like the movies, actually. Some sort of sudden disruption as I go about my routines and my like will never be the same. Drastically altered circumstances, plucking me out of life and transplanting me into a different one. Something more, uh, important? Exciting? Glamorous?

And in the last several years, I’ve realized that the more I escape into those daydreams, the more miserable daily life gets in reality.

So tonight I’ve gotta shake it off, and remind myself that this – life, today – is the story. This is it.

The gospel doesn’t rip me out of my story and transplant me into one that I like better.

It radically reorients me to the story I am in.

So, Papa… help me to engage.


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