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Maybe I’m Wrong… Part I

I just watched this prodigious TED Talk by Kathryn Schulz entitled “On Being Wrong.” I have to admit, I was a bit distracted for the first half. I had a few tabs open, doing several things at once, and I was only half paying attention. But several minutes in I began to realize that I was missing some really good material, so I closed the other tabs and gave Kathryn my full attention.


Not in the sense that I agree with every single word she uttered and want to begin wearing t-shirts with her name on the front or anything, but fantastic in the sense that the topic and the exploration of it, especially through her examples, really hit home with me. Opened a door that I’ve sort of been playing around for quite some time.

I plan to meditate on what I heard from this talk, along with some other thoughts that it dredged up, for a few days and then write a “Part II” where I flesh out what’s on my mind about the whole being wrong thing.

I know for many of my loved ones – friends and family – the hope is alive that I’ll one day realize I’m wrong in my beliefs regarding my sexuality. They hope that one day I’ll renounce my sexuality and declare that it is not a valid and authentic way to live life fully for the glory of the Creator God.

Of course, that’s just one area of my life. How about my beliefs regarding hell and the eternal fate of humanity? The value and validity of scripture? The interpretation of that scripture? And the list goes on.

I’m so far removed from the average views held by the Christian communities of which I am a part that I’ve become accustomed to hearing people tell me that I’m wrong. And worse, I’ve become accustomed to assuming that those people are wrong.

Ah, but is that what the Living God really cares about? Who is wrong and who is right?

Anyway, I’m going to let these things roll around my head for a bit, and I’ll be back with another post.

I really encourage you to watch the video, and to stick around for the whole thing. You may not agree with it; it may not resonate with your spirit. But I think that it unflinchingly embraces a holistic aspect of an important part of being human: our mistakes. And I think that, as humans, that can help us in our dealings with the Living God, our ideas about who God is and what God wants, and our dealings with one another.

So yeah, I hope you watch it.


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