Trying to live love well through the power of the Everlasting.

The Muppets… made me cry.

Today is (one of) my sister’s birthday, so last night (one of) my brother’s and I took her out on our weekly Sunday night dinner/errands/shopping/movie run. Yep, that’s right – the same brother from the infamous Tea Guy incident. So their specific names are Ira (19) and Molly (21 today). We grew up watching The Muppets in our family, so the three of us were pretty psyched about seeing it. I think I was much more nostalgic about it than they were, though, and I think that specifically has to do with just those few years in between us. I’m not all that much older than they are, but just enough to be intimately familiar with The Muppet Show, whereas they only know the various movies that still sit in our family’s movie collection. The all-time family favorite, of course, is The Muppet’s Christmas Carol. Well, at least it holds the record for Most Watched Muppet Movie in our family.

So when we sat down and the movie began, my chest immediately seized up with that feeling you get when you’re so emotionally moved by something that you almost can’t breathe, but you’re not yet ready to cry. I think perhaps that I’m especially sensitive to such nostalgia, because anything that reminds me of happy, innocent times of childhood resonates so strongly with a good fifteen years of… well, an extremely tough road.

Either way, the movie was custom made food for my soul. It encouraged me, comforted me, and equipped me. I think I’m still processing the ways that it affected me. I’m not kidding. Yeah, it’s just a Muppet’s movie. But man, it’s art. It’s creativity. It’s… humanity fully alive.

Why is it that art, music, creation is so powerful? I think it’s when we tap into that vein of humanity made in the image of the Creator: we’re relational, creative beings as our Heavenly Father is. Well, he’s the authentic one, isn’t he?

Anyway my point is that I experienced The Muppets on a level that I think speaks to its spectacular quality of production, all around. Without fear, the movie embraced life holistically: the good and the bad. It spoke of a life with highlights and regrets, and pushed through it all in a way that encourages people to live and live well with themselves and their loved ones. It spoke of the changes life brings as we continue living and then challenges us to meet those head on, again in a way that loves and lives well. In community. Community! They hit it! They tapped that artery that we as Christians know is essential.

Ah, it was solid.

I’m rambling, I know, but I just had to get these thoughts down. They’ve been bursting in my head since I got in the car to drive home last night.

Also, I told my brother and sister that I “almost cried” during the movie, which was not completely true. I did cry. During the performance of “Rainbow Connection” by Kermit and Miss Piggy, when they’re joined by the entire cast and audience, I lost it. I cried quite a bit.

You can listen to it here.


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