Trying to live love well through the power of the Everlasting.

Ah, perspective.

So in my last post, just a few hours ago, I wrote about how it’s my birthday, and through the consequences of my own sin, I’ll be spending it pretty much by myself and without the best wishes of my friends and loved ones.

I proceeded to let a dark cloud of self-pity grow into a sizeable storm that co-opted my judgement, my mood, and my temper.

It’s been an ugly day so far.

Then I got a card in the mail from my grandmother, ripping a hole in the poor-little-me-all-alone thing I had going on. I tried to argue it away by reminding myself that she’s my grandmother. She has to love me. That arguement died without me even trying to believe it, and I began laughing at myself and how stupid I’ve been.

I prayed and asked Papa for wisdom and perspective. I reminded myself that I am 27 years old today.

Time to grow up.

In the half hour since that happened, God has given me the wisdom and perspective that I need to get through today. I am not alone. I am loved and valued by many people still, and most of all, by my Creator.

I’m doing just fine.

My best friend in the whole world invited me to have dinner with him and his wife tonight, and I happen to know (even though I’m not supposed to) that his wife is baking carrot cake. My favorite.

I am blessed, I am loved, I am valued.

The Everlasting is able to remove the consequences of sin; able to redeem even the most wretched events into something more beautiful than I can comprehend.

He has and continues to do so in my life.

Thank you, Papa.


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